L.i.F.E. is a music education and leadership program that empowers youth through music, character education and leadership skills development. Glenn Marais is a Juno Nominated songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has created and developed a series of innovative programs designed to engage and inspire youth and communities.

About L.I.F.E.

Leadership, Imagination, Freedom & Expression!

Glenn has over 20 years of experience working with youth and a developed understanding of curriculum requirements, which he has directly, applied to all of his programming. The program variety is incredible and each one is customizable based on individual school’s needs and directives.

L.i.F.E. Programs are designed to address the challenges faced by young people in school and in life.

  • Self-Esteem
  • Bullying
  • Social Isolation
  • Goal Setting/Leadership
  • Character and Equity Education

Letter of Recommendation

Music in Mind

Large event specialist, Glenn Marais has led in the creation of several incredibly inspiring large scale performances with the proven ability to inspire students, administrators and community leaders with effective leadership and communication skills.

Glenn Marais has led in the creation of several incredibly inspiring large scale performances with the proven ability to inspire students, administrators and community leaders with effective leadership and communication skills.

  • Pan AM Games 2015 Drum and Dance performances with 80 students from five different schools
  • 250 person drum circle at the YRDSB Quest Conference
  • National Kindness Campaign featured in the Toronto Star and Global Television with over 100 schools involved • Wrote and directed musical plays with multiple classes with schools in North Bay, TDSB, YRDSB and YCDSB

Keynote Concerts

Glenn offers various motivational and informative Keynote concerts. Audiences will be left mesmerized by Glenn Marais’ riveting performance style,

Give to Live: An inspiring music, multi-media and motivational keynote that will have students and staff inspired for the whole year.

Black History Theatre Show: An amazing musical ride through black history with The Glenn Marais Band, a five piece musical powerhouse that performs this emotionally powerful and educational show at the Newmarket Theatre Feb.13, 14 and 15th, 2017 with morning and evening shows available.

Black History Performance (Solo and Full Band): The same show as the theatre show but in your school.

The Power of One: How one person can change the world with powerful stories of Glenn’s work in African Orphanages and The Far North working with First Nations Youth and how one person can change the world.

L.I.F.E Leadership

Interactive all school leadership program that takes students through fun, educational programming that will inspire leadership, kindness and mindful behaviour.

This innovative program was designed to engage and inspire young people through high-energy leadership games, West African Drumming and Dance, creative rhythm and creative play. Your L.i.F.E. is a hands on program that teaches kindness, encouragement, self-esteem, individual and group acceptance. Glenn has assembled an incredible team of facilitators with years of experience working with young and old in the fields of social justice, equity, and mental health, including children’s empowerment coach, Mickey Eves and dance educator, sociologist & certified life coach Elisha Macmillan.

Please see Bio PDF for more information.

Anti-Bullying Programs

Positive Classrooms: A non-profit company created to address the growing concerns around bullying with a creative, inclusive all-school program that includes the Give to Live Keynote, 30 Days of Kindness challenge, classroom conversations with every class, gym-based leadership program, posters, a custom rap song, two curriculum guides and an educator’s document guide. This program changes lives and has inspired thousands of students already

A day in the life: An anti-bullying play skeleton created by Glenn that includes every grade and features original song writing, African drumming and dance. This play never fails to evoke strong emotions and help schools and students to understand the complexities of bullying and social isolation.


Say My Name Canada

Say My Name Canada is a kindness challenge that began on Jan. 25th 2015 and culminated with the international release of the video for Say my Name, on Feb. 25th 2015. This is a song written to combat the growing issue of bullying.

Glenn created this national kindness campaign that is in it’s third year, includes over 100 schools, features in the Toronto Star, Global Television and an annual kindness celebration on Pink Shirt Day. Over 100 000 acts of kindness have been registered on the Say My Name website and the video for the song, Say My Name has over 1 million views on You Tube.

For additional information please visit: www.saymynamecanada.com

West African Drumming

Glenn leads students and staff on the culture and techniques of west African drumming in a method created by him that develops unity, harmony and respect.

Creative Multi-Discipline Workshops

Glenn is very adapt at creating custom workshops for large or small groups that are multi- discipline, using the latest technology that addresses the specific needs of the school community.

Give to Live is Glenn’s Motto and his performances are a shining example of this, utilizing stunning visuals, incredible live performances and powerful, motivational talks on a variety of subjects from personal empowerment, social justice, black history, racial equity and customized talks tailored to a client’s needs. The performances are interactive and deeply moving filled with anecdotes from Glenn’s pioneering work with an orphanage in South Africa, to fly-in reserves in our indigenous community and his own experiences with discrimination and bullying growing up. Glenn will work with the client to present a professional, powerful and moving experience. He he has several presentations available and can customize one for your special event.


DAREarts empowers at-risk kids with life skills to become leaders using the arts

Through partnerships with DARE Arts, Glenn has become a passionate advocate for First Nations Rights and Educations, having traveled 11 times in the last ten years to Webequie, twice to Marten Falls and once to Attawapiskat to work with communities and youth.

Fore more info please visit their website or YouTube channel.

First Nations Youth Outreach

After returning from the north I feel more motivated than I ever have in my life to do something about the crisis of housing, poverty, youth depression, water pollution, cost of living and the continued neglect of our First Nations People. Get involved. Write a letter to our Prime Minister. Stand up Speak out.

Glenn Marais has worked in the far north in partnership with DARE Arts in Webequie, Marten Falls and Attawapiskat teaching songwriting, multi-media, and theatre arts as part of the DARE Arts team. The picture is from Webequie Oct.2016.

Thank you to the following:
The Royal Conservatory, Palgrave Rotary Club, Thunder Air, the Paul Semple Scholarship Fund, Aeroplan donors (Hans Koehle, Maria Da Cunha, Cheryl Vhal, Victor Ford), and Sarah Haney supported this project.

For More Info:
For additional information please visit: www.darearts.com

Cotlands Orphanage in South Africa

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Glenn Marais wrote a song in 2007 entitled “Like a Child” in response to an incredible book, “Who will cuddle them when they sleep” written by his neighbour, six year old, Paige Pedlar after watching a program on orphans in Africa. Glenn created a concert series, Kids For Cotlands and through the proceeds of five concerts, C.D. sales and Paige’s book sales over $100 000 was raised for the Cotlands Orphanage working with The Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Mbabane, Swaziland

The video is a tribute to the spirit and faith of the beautiful people of Swaziland and a message for the world to reach out and help these wonderful children and their families who face the enormous burden of poverty and the devastation of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

In 2008, Glenn performed Like a Child at his church and met Janine Maxwell, director of Heart for Africa. After hearing Janine speak of her work in Africa, Glenn composed the song My Heart is in Africa, between the lines of the church program. When he told Janine, she invited Glenn to come to Swaziland and work as a music director for a concert event, Litsemba in 2009. Glenn returned in 2010 and performed at a concert in the national stadium in front of 20 000 people.


PDF downloads for L.IF.E programs and activities.

L.I.F.E Learning Centre program Guide (Download)

Blues in Schools Program Guide (Download)

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Leadership, Imagination, Freedom & Expression!

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